Fund DODOMUNewsSocialization Center 15+(boys)

September,2017 at 15+ Centre for Socialization: holidays, birthdays, trainings and gifts

September 2, 2017

Among the yawning freshmen and high school girls on motorcycles, we found the ones that actually want to study.
“Really?” – you will say.
“That’s right!” – we will answer – “the secret is simple: these guys are studying where they dreamed to study”!

September 4, 2017

Friends, colleagues and like-minded people! We have some excellent news for you!
15+Socialization Center of “DODOMU” is looking for a psychologist!
Work experience isn’t essential, applications of students of the last courses are considered first of all!

How do we see you:
– a man
– loving children
– Initiative and Proactive
– not having a formal attitude to work
– We give a significant preference to the members of the gospel churches.

We offer:
– to give you a lot of opportunities to carry out your professional activities
– official employment
– work in a young team and work with children directly
– we are growing and aiming for big results, and there are no analogues of such a project in Ukraine.
Discussion of details in private correspondence in a group or with our project leader
Anton Vdovichenko! We help orphans and we know that some other peoplealso have this fire in their hearts!


September 15, 2017

The future has come!
For our Romchik – for sure, because we have just celebrated his birthday!
As a future programmer, he didn’t go to the coffee shop to eat a cake with friends, but dived straightinto the virtual reality
This is how we celebrate 🙂
Thanks to “CUBE”!

September 16, 2017

Yesterday, the boys were participants in the “The Lord of the Luck”seminar where they learned about the practical, healthy and true-to-reality principles and mechanisms of how to keep your individual personality, achieve your own goals and realize your own preferences and ambitions.
Thank you to Vоlоdymyr Bukhtin for his work and contribution to the life and future of these children!

September 18, 2017

Yesterday, we, together with the whole country, celebrated a grand event similar to which Ukraine has not yet seen!
Together with half a million participants, our students decided loudly and sincerely to treat each other with more love!
Ukraine, Congratulations! God loves you!

September 24, 2017

Age doesn’t matter. Everybody ishappy to receive unexpected gifts, no matter h
ow old you are. Though, one day you will understand that to give them is yet another quality of this pleasure.
Grateful faces cannot be fakedor forgotten!
Thanks to our friends fromthe Lord of Destiny for the gifts of sneakers for boys!

September 26, 2017

Do you remember Zhenya? Thanks to that surgery, yesterday he played at the bowling club. In fact, according to him, it was his first birthdaywhen he was surrounded by good people!
Thanks to our friends at Bowling Dreamtown 1 for this opportunity and for all the times when, together, we could create a real holiday for children who didn’t have childhood!