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‘Sharing is caring’

“Being the answer for those in need of help” is the motto of the ‘Dodomu’ team.

To help anyone who asked ‘Dodomu’ for help – this is the desire of our hearts and, in this sense, we are trying to do our best and more :). A live source of love and care for orphans, children deprived of parental care, for the children from families in difficult family circumstances (LWOs), for small and big, but still for the children.

The DODOMU team provided the organizers of the COKOL children’s camp, which doors are always open to the orphaned children, with some money to get the necessary equipment for the summer camp, and even some food packages and delicacies for the young tourists. On the same day, the musical center and a TV set were sent off to the Rehabilitation Center for Mother and Child in Slavuta.

So, as people say: ‘Sharing is caring’, we are glad to share and become an answer for somebody’s prayers and needs. We are glad to give love and care and watch the happy children smile in return!

‘We’means you and me! May ‘the basket and the kneading’of those who help the needy be blessed thoroughly! Together, we can do much more!