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Sources of Inspiration

Working with teenagers for a long time, we can say that the reality where they live, in its essence, is not what we see from outside. Although modern teens are characterizedbythe  peculiarbehavioral patterns associated with their interaction with virtual reality, in fact, their interests are beyond its boundaries.

Today, the world is more than ever accessible for people – we can see the exotic places of the planet, monitor the most important events in real time and share experiences in all possible spheres of life.

Children and teenagers actively usethese opportunities, but they plunge into that digital world with a head, and show signs of what adults have already expertly dubbed as “computer dependence” only under one condition: when adults themselves become inaccessible, alienated and unwilling to take part in the lives of their children and adolescents.

Fatherhood and upbringing of the younger generation is not only a right but a responsibility. The inability to realize this fact has causedthe so-called ‘social orphanhood’.

In real life everything is more simple than it seems:

  •  Familiarize your children with the world that is familiar to you, tell them stories from your own experience.
  • Stay on track with them as friends and partners, and, from there,bring them up to a higher level of communication and skills.
  • Show your interest in anything you do together, do not impose your own, subjective experience, develop dialectics in the thinking of a child.
  • Be genuine: Trust is created when there’re truth and acceptance.

Trying to follow these simple tips, the ‘DODOMU’ team had a truly bright family weekend with the pupils in picturesque Khotsky.

The boys were delighted with the fact that they are perceived as adultsand tried to behave this way: helped to make a fire, cooked, heated the Russian sauna, mowed the grass, using their own knowledge of different appliances, helped to repair the gasoline powered sawdust, cut down dried trees and took part in the repair of the car, cleaned the windows and indoors, accompanied women on their way to the lavender field, made photo and video reports and happily talked around the evening fire.


A distant observer would be surprised at how the guys did all those things, with such enthusiasm and curiosity,which is so different from the typical behavior of the modern generation. In reality, stereotypes must not shape our attitude towards children. Do not forget that children are always children, and live communication cannot be replaced by any virtual reality.


Their sincere smiles and the most frequentlyasked question:

“When will we get back on such a trip again?”

were the best reward for all the adults and the most evident testimony to the fact that the children are finally immersed in the childhood they did not have.