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Special mentors for special teens

“Special mentors” for “special teens”

Generally speaking, the teenage age is “special”! Don’t you agree? The expression “problem teens” is quite common in modern day-to-day life. You have probably heard such newfangled expressions as “socially neglected children” or “children of non-standard behavior”. This fact really takes place, it is caused by the wrong lifestyle of a child’s parents, his upbringing and unfavorable conditions of his social environment.

Such “problem teens” most often get into residential institutions and they need a mentor the most.

The question is: how to make these “Mentor – Teen” relationships productive and effective? We are trying to solve this difficult task.

So, in a friendly atmosphere, we talk to our teensover a cup of delicious tea. Just like that.

What about?

About life, their desires, responsibilities, girls, about themselves and about a lot of other things in life. We got to know a littleOleg, a new pupil of the 15+Center for Socialization. The guys are quite happy with the “Mentoring at DODOMU”project. Sasha and Romchik called their mentors right after our meeting to arrange a get together and share the news.

A teenager, in most cases, seeks a confident relationship with an adultwith no constraints, in other words, he looks for a friend. Such relationship helps him to get to know himself better, hisown possibilities and place in life, and the mentor is to support the teenager in this.

By the way, the guys love “salty things” more than sweets! Remember!