NewsSocialization Center 15+(boys)

Step into the future

Family is the best instruction in the world. There was no country, no community, no civilization, but family already existed. Because, this is the idea of God: family should be the basis of society. When the family is healthy, when it is in demand and supported, then this will be the society.

Primarily, family is the people’s spiritual condition- values and interests that unite them.

The most important and beautiful part of the family is children. They need care and education, so that in time become a full-fledged part of society. What’s happening if there is a tragedy and the child remains alone? Society should take responsibility for the fact, that smaller members of society become the strongest. That is how it should be! The team “DODOMU” believes in miracles, future for the children and practice it in life. The graduation of our pupil Nazar became him step into an independent life. However, he didn’t leave our family, because the family is forever! For the whole stay time in the Center of Socialization for children 15+, he studied with us: responsibility, friendship and truth. Achieved high successes in studies and self-discipline. We accepted and loved him as he is. We all worried about what is happening in his life, and we are ready to continue to be his support.
Nazar, You will succeed!