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’Tea party for princesses’ or how much costs a cup of happiness – how it got started…


Every Tuesday in the youngest group of girls (age from 4 to 11 years) of a children’s institution where there are orphans and children who find themselves in difficult life circumstances, we get a white tablecloth, porcelain white dishes, we set the table, drink delicious teas with desserts. We teach how to behave you at the table, to use cutlery in friendly, cozy atmosphere. Also we teach girls, topics that are appropriate to discuss at the table, how to discuss and generally how to be courteous and polite. You know, most of these children have never seen things that we take for granted – basic education. They did not learn how to hold a fork, how to sit, and more. Half of them were looking for food on landfills and were beaten and humiliated in their own families. But here they are real princesses!

Usually we try to discuss topics about the good and the evil, friendship, what’s right and what is not, celebrate birthdays… but read about it in our monthly reports))).

You will say, is it important: porcelain and good manners?

Once I used to listen to one outstanding speaker, T.D. Jakes recalling that in childhood, when he spoke basically not very smart things, his mother would quit home affairs, listen to him attentively, and would saying that he was a genius. And then, when he had to go through life’s difficulties everywhere, the words of his mother always encouraged him. So, for every person who achieved something, there is somebody who believed in him. Sometimes it’s enough to have just one beloved moment, sincere acceptance of a child to help him to be firm even in a “wild storm”.

Childhood is an atmosphere! As a persons we are formed by memories. We are sustained by emotional and moral immunity. We have such a philosophy.

On occasion, we want to thank all the benefactors! You are wonderful !!! Without you it would be impossible !!! If you will have a desire join us – don’t restrain yourself because we will cover several children’s institutions if it will be enough amount of partners!!!