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Team of Charity Fund “Dodomu” to rest in the Carpathians

Dodomu on Sion

Any human resource ends, and physical and mental strength have the ability to dry out. Working with adolescents who had no childhood, no easy task, and if you do not invest in this business soul – to achieve results impossible. Team “Dodomu” knows firsthand that if you “burned”, in addition to ash owes nothing to give.
Rest and recovery, establishing communications and just the time spent in family or friendly atmosphere – almost a tradition for us. Following it, we spent three wonderful days in the hotel complex “Zion” in the picturesque Carpathian Mountains. Inspiring beauty of nature, fresh mountain air and the warm welcome home for a long time we returned inspiration and joy filled the world with new colors being.
Once again, we are ready to go further in this, truly our favorite cause – the return of children to childhood, fulfilling their lives with love and shaping the future.we are ready to go and work


We thank the management and all employees of the hotel complex “Zion” in hospitality.


Nature which inspires us:

Look, what beauty: