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The teenagers of the 15+ center are preparing the ‘DODOMU’ camp

This could be called a walk, but, in fact, it is an event.

Last weekend the boys from the 15+ Center for Socialization, with the help of the ‘DOMOMU’ team, were preparing the territory of the Children’s Town in Khotsky village to accommodate the camp.

This is exactly the case: ‘DODOMU’ is getting ready to host a children’s youth camp on the territory where the ‘Children’s Town of 3 – 18 years’ will be built. They, so to speak, take possession of the territory. And the guys from the 15+ Center for Socialization weren’t just helping, they were acting, doing everything themselves.


A team of teenagers and adults spent two full days in Khotsky. The guys, feeling their responsibility for the end result, worked on equal terms with adults and acquired some new skills. But most importantly, they once again felt the care and love of a real family, which the ‘DODOMU’ team gives them from the bottom of their hearts.

As to the purpose of socialization, everything was real there … It wasn’t alesson or a training on ‘how to do something useful’, but the real thing -to get of the territory ready for the camp. And when there’s a genuine business such as this one, the guys join without hesitation and try to do their best by looking at their adult mentors. They want to be worthy and useful.


Whatever had to be done there wasn’t, probably, very difficult, but it was new to the guys. Though, they did not get lost and did not “catch the rear”. Instead, they all took active part in it and did what was asked of them.


Of course, relations are built not only by working together, but also by talking to each other, communicating with one another with love. Life, in general,consists of a lot of aspects, such as rest, meals, entertainment – and all this was also part of those days in Khotsky.


See the photos below for yourself, and listen to your heart.


You might also want to join our team and help us dothis unusual and much needed work – socialization of adolescents.


They mowed the grass
They spit trees
As it sometimes happens, somemachinerybroke down, so it had to be repaired
They cooked meals
They ate a little
They took a little rest
They talked to each other
.. They had some fun when they felt like it
Another thing … yes –they cleaned indoors


Not only we think but we are convinced thatin the course of and after such events, guys become well-socialized, because they do good and useful things.