The training for the new Dodomu team members

The training for the new Dodomu team members has just finished. It was an inspired lively time, filled with positive emotions and unexpected discoveries for all participants. 
The Coaches Yulia Feschenko and Larisa Morozova have devotedly prepared the materials and were only intended to make this time really bright, positive, informationally open, accessible and interactive. 
The entire active team is inspired by the fact that people sharing their views and ideas join the affair of changing the social orphanhood situation being motivated to energetic actions concerning changing modern society, in which the slogan “Break off the phenomenon of children without childhood” sounds so loudly. 
Oksana Bondar, the participant of the training, the prospective member of team, a young girl, whose heart is filled with a thirst for active contribution to the process of change for the better, shared her impressions of the training: 

“I am sincerely grateful for these days, for our trainers, who gave themselves to us completely in the process, for their kindness, openness, for being able to bring us what is most valuable and sacred about these children. Much of the above mentioned touched the depth of my heart. During the trainings I have reassessed myself, as if reconstituting what being an orphan is like. These feelings are unforgettable. 
The understanding comes that your life difficulties are incomparable to what these children go through almost every day. I can say that, unexpectedly, to some extent it became a moral rehabilitation of some kind for me. 
The first thing in my heart, and what I really want to do above all is to embrace these children and try by all means to give them true love, warmth, care, constancy for them to believe, for them to know that they are valued and needed and important. To fill the voids created in their hearts by indifference. 
I’m happy that I have participated in this training and gained practical knowledge that I am now able to use in this work. I believe that my contribution to this case will really be rewarding. ” 

These are the aspirations of today’s youth, so hard and energetically they are ready to join the affair. With this faith of their contribution becoming the force for this problem to leave our society foreve, they come to us today. 
The “DODODMU” team is open to collaboration, co-creation, complicity in all the areas of its activities and there is only clause to anyone willing to join

Is not to be indifferent.