The true meaning of charity


The true meaning of the concept “charity” is not to ignore opportunities to give a hand to those who need it. Or not to be indifferent – this reveals how much we have become real humans today.
Giving ourselves over the foster children of the center, we are investing in our future – because the time will come and they will share their experience with our children, will be their teachers, neighbors, employers. And the quality and extent of their experience, in part, depends on what we are ready to share with them now.
The stereotype of thinking, that exists in response to the appeal to give a helping hand to orphaned children, is often seen as: “there are special organizations, appointed people, government and private programs for this.”
But in fact, talking to the guys, you can hear that most of all they have remembered people or actions, that directly responded to their current needs, such as:
– Donated winter clothes and a punching bag;
– Providing opportunities to make money, using knowledge and skills;
– Donated musical instruments – for developing their talents.
That is the caring can create a feeling of gratitude in their hearts especially deeply.
Can we help them to believe in the support, compassion, love – this is our challenge for today. Abilities, resources, time that you can donate will be the response to it.

The team “Dodomu” and pupils of the 15+ socialization Center express heartfelt thanks to everyone who responds to the need and does not pass by. Your participation in the life of the center illuminates the guys path to the future, full of hope and opportunities.