‘ New Beginning’ Project.Fund DODOMUNews

Their smiles light up our hearts

Children in difficult living conditions (LWOs) are children from families in which parents or persons substituting them evade parental responsibilities, children who systematically arbitrarily leave their place of permanent residence (stay), children, in relation to which some physical, psychological, sexual or economic violence was committed – all these children are in our hearts! Our desire to help grows with every new acquaintance and every joyful smile of the little ones.
Our new little friends have recently made us happy with their own smiles and even some sport achievements. A family whose story has shaken the whole country (see here) Support in such difficult life circumstances is a necessity. The wonderful kids and their caring mom have gladly welcomed us with our little presents!

Let’s remember: there are no nobody’s children! After all, every child has the right to have a happy childhood. And the task of each of us is to contribute to their happiness and promote it. Thank you for your caring hearts!