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Time hostages or why does Ukraine need Centers of Socialization 15+ ?

What did you hear about the “adoption threshold”? Most likely, either nothing or general, superficial things. And it’s not about a legal concept. Such a phenomenon exists in our society, and it inevitably affects the lives of orphans.

The probability of being adopted or taken into a foster family after 13 years of age, according to statistics, is less than 10%. After 15, it’s even less, only 5%.

There are about 6,600 children altogether in residential institutions,25,000 children are from families who are in difficult living conditions and cannot raise their own children, 18,000 children can be adopted.
In 2016, only 1,886 children were adopted, that is only 10% of the demand.
So, children who didn’t have a childhood as such and got into an orphanage at the age of 13 become hostages of time and have a negligible chance of being adopted.

That is why,our country needs centers of socialization foradolescent children – orphans.

That is why, we are here. Until the situation is changed, we will continue working with this difficult category and pass down our experience to the society, because, for us, these are children. The children who are entitled to a decent future and will eventually be part of it.

These children, despite any statistics, will become the best part of the mankind, not its outlaws.