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Good afternoon, my dear friends! Today we’d like to talk about adoption in Ukraine, and who can adopt an orphan child. Where to start? Let’s consider a legal component of this question first of all …
Adoption is a legal process in which a new, permanent relationship between parents and the child is created by the court decision, which consists in the transfer of parental rights and responsibilities from one family to another, which is the adoption of a family of a child on the basis of the birth, with all rights and responsibilities, both on adults’ and the child’s behalf. It should be noted that adoption in Ukraine is supported by the State and regulated by the Law of Ukraine.
Who has the right to adopt an orphan child?
The best way to go about answering this question is to list those who cannot be adopters, namely those who:
-bounded in capacity or recognized as incapacitated;
– deprived of parental rights, if these rights have not been renewed;
– were adopters (guardians, caretakers, foster parents, parenting parents) of another child, but the adoption was canceled or invalidated (the custody, care or activity of the foster family or family-type orphanage was terminated) due to their own fault;
-are registered or treated in a psychoneurological or narcological clinic;
-are substance misusers;
– do not have a permanent place of residence and permanent income;
– suffer from illness, the list of which is approved by the central executive body, which ensures the formation of state policy in the field of health care;
-are foreign citizens who aren’t married, except when such is a relative of the child;
– were sentenced for crimes against life and health, freedom, honor and dignity, sexual freedom and sexual integrity of a person, against public safety, public order and morality, in the sphere of circulation of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, have an outstanding conviction for committing other crimes;
– due to the state of their health, need constant third-party care;
– are persons of no registered citizenship;
– and other persons whose interests conflict with the interests of the child.
If you have any questions about your rights as to adoption of an orphan child, we recommend consulting with qualified specialists with in the framework of the “Free Legal Aid”State Program.
Where should the parents who decided to adopt start?
Citizens of Ukraine who wish to adopt a child may apply in writing for the registration of candidates for adoption to the Children’s Service at the place of their residence.
The application may be written in the presence of an employee of the Service for the Affairs of Children and certified by him. In the event that one of the spouses cannot personally appear to the Child Services Service to make an application, his / her application, certified by a notary public, may be submitted by a spouse.
The following documents are attached to the application:
1). A copy of the passport or other identity document;
2). Certificate of income(payslips) for the last six months or a copy of the income declaration for the previous calendar year, certified by the state tax service authorities;
3). Copy of the marriage certificate, concluded in the civil registration bodies, if the applicants are married;
4). Conclusion on the health of each applicant, compiled according to the form in accordance with Appendix 3 (the form is issued by the employee of the above-mentioned service);
5). Notarized written consent of the second spouse for the adoption of a child (in case of adoption of a child by one of spouses), unless otherwise provided by law;
6). Certificate of the presence or absence of criminal convictions for each applicant, issued by the internal affairs authorities at the place of residence of the applicant;
7). A copy of the document confirming ownership or the right of use of the living space.
In the case of adopting a child by one of the spouses,the report on the state of health and a certificate of presence or absence of criminal convictions will be submitted by each spouse.
The validity period of the documents is one year from the date of their issue, unless otherwise provided by the legislation.
What is the procedure for adoption?
When accepting documents, applicants are informed about the procedure and conditions of adoption, the rights and responsibilities of the candidates for the adopter/adopters and legal consequences of adoption.
Citizens of Ukraine who wish to adopt a child may, at their request or on the advice of the Children’s Service, take a course on the education of orphans and children deprived of parental care.
With in 10 working days after receiving a statement about the desire to adopt a child (with a complete set of documents), the Service for the Affairs of Children shall draw up an Act on the examination of housing and living conditions of future adoptive parents, shall consider the possibility of adopting the child and prepare a corresponding conclusion/opinion. If this conclusion is positive, the applicants will be awarded the title of the candidates to the adopter, and the data on them will be added to the special record book.
Validity period of adoption documents – one year from the date of their issue !!!!
After establishing a contact with the child, the candidates to the adopter apply to the children’s service at the place of residence of the child with a statement about the desire to adopt him/her. The application shall indicate: surname, first name, patronymic name, place of residence of the candidate for the adopter, and also surname, name, patronymic name, age and place of residence of the child.
The head of a children’s institution (or persons living in a child), at the request of the Children’s Service, presents a list of documents established by the adoption order.
The Service for Children in the place of residence of the child, based on the application of the candidate for the adopter, within 10 working days, prepares a conclusion on the appropriateness of the citizens of Ukraineas to adoption and compliance with his/her child’s interests for further submission to the court. Actual adoption of children in Ukraine is carried out on the basis of a court decision.The adopter is obliged to take the child personally from the place of his/her residence and present copies of the decision on the adoption, in the presence of the representative of the Service for Children.
We hope that this article is useful to you! In the future, we’ll talk about the psychological, social aspects of adoption etc. If you have a question on this topic, we will gladly try to help you.

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