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To create a blessing is to share the best you have!

Charity or philanthropy – what is it? Philanthropy (from the Greek φιλέω, “love” and ἄνθρωπος, “man”) is the love of humanity, a benevolent attitude towards a person in general. To do good for the ones you love and share the best you have out of love!

Not everyone in our country knows and understands it well. You know, to create a blessing and do good for the others isn’t to give away what is under your feet, something you don’t need yourself but don’t feel like throwing away. To do good is to open your heart to an orphan. It’s to share what you have with those who don’t have it and have never had it. Let me introduce some of these people:

Yurij Petrovych Grishchenko, Director of the ‘Vzoottieva krayina’ (‘Shoe country’) store located at 26 MayakovskyAvenue in Kyiv, whose heart always responds to the needs of orphaned children or those in difficult living conditions. This time, 21 pairs of wonderful shoes have been presented to one of the children’s institutions in Kyiv.

Nadiya Mykolayivna Gorbachenko, an ordinary person from the “Dodomu” team, a sensitive and loyal person, a reliable friend and a generous philanthropist. At her own expense, she has recently bought some new clothes for Pavlo, who is in one of the boarding schools at the moment.

Nataliya  Obajuluwa from Ireland has been translating news articles into English behind the scenes for more than a year.

Euhen  (Eugene)Babenko (one of ‘Dodomu’’s graduates) deserves a special mentioning today. He has no parents and is still a teenager himself.Though, he already has a heart of gold, ready to help children who are in greater need. It was himself who started the initiative to provide assistance in the form of a diet kit for orphaned children and those in difficult living conditions, those staying in the summer ‘COKOL’ CAMP.

One kind person who wished to remain anonymous presented the sets of bed linen, blankets, towels and sheets.

Olena Whiteley, from distant England, for a while now, has been supporting the children in the boarding school under our care. Her husband and herself are also ordinary people, but, in their hearts,they have the love that prompts them to do good regardless of distance and employment.

And this is an inexhaustible list of those people who have helped us in the past…It’s great to realize that, in our difficult time, there are more and more good and sensitive people who aren’t indifferent to the misfortune of less lucky ones, people with a kind heart and a sincere soul. We’d like to thank every benefactor for his/her open heart! We wish you success in all spheres of your life and full abundance for all good deeds!

Dear friends, join in!

To create a blessing is always joyful, and it’s really simple!