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Training for mentors of orphans and children deprived of parental care

Hooray! We have delivereda training for mentors of orphans and children deprived of parental care! In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that prevailed in the group, participants learned a lot of interesting and useful information about the psychology of children, the principles of human needs and motivation, how to successfully build emotional connections and establish the boundaries. They also learned about the main stages of a child’s development, cycles of formation of loyalty and much more!What they learned wasn’t just some theoretical knowledge, but also many practical tips were given. They are based on various successful techniques and, of course, on the professional and personal experience of coaches. How to become an effective mentor for a child? Those who attended our training know the answer to this question!!!


Natalia Mikhailenko

Anna Sokuls’ka

A huge thank you to the coaches of this training! Thank you for encouraging us to look at our own lives and priorities from a different perspective, helping us better understand ourselves and make the right decisions! Thanks for the unique atmosphere of love, acceptance and unity in the classes!The quite complex material was easily available, understandable and often in the form of a game! Thank you for having “unravelled” our brain and makingus navel gaze!)) I’m sure that the knowledge gained during this training will bring some fruit!