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Socialization Center 15+

центри соціалізації

Socialization Center 15+ (with a program of rehabilitation, socialization, adaptation, and preparation for independent living)

The target audience is teenagers aged 14 to 18, including orphans and those deprived of parental care; teenagers who find themselves in rough circumstances, graduates of boarding schools or other remedial institutions (except for children with special needs who are in need of assistance and / or special environmental conditions).

The goal of the project is to reduce negative phenomena among children and youth, to build integral personalities aimed at education and achievement.


– Rehabilitation (containing individual work with psycho trauma),

– Socialization (accumulation and exercising of cultural values, skills, knowledge, and the ability to implement them in life),

– Help in professional orientation and education,

– Preparation for a future independent life, to provide support for 3 years after graduation.

We have created the closest possible to family living conditions in the centre. By implementing the project, we help children who belong to a socially vulnerable group, to develop a harmonious self-esteem and become full members of society, to prevent degradation, immorality, suicide cases, crime, bad habits, etc., to form the ability to build strong families. The other advantage of the program is that it helps teenagers to obtain education, acquire practical skills of several professions, reach their goals and success, get the right job, develop healthy relationships with staff members, and to grow and develop professionally.

We provide an individual approach for every child during 12 months in the centre (if necessary the term can be prolonged).

One dormitory (a group) can hold 8 teenagers.

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