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Unforgettable impressions …

Rest in a tent camp is an unforgettable experience!
Children become closer to nature, learn more about the world around them and rest from all the new-fashioned gadgets, computers and the Internet. And most importantly, they have the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of unity and mutual support. Because very often those who walked side by side on the tourist trail became faithful and trustworthy friends.
‘DODOMU’ team together with the partners of ‘Mission 3:16’ provided an excellent opportunity for teenagers of a boarding school in Kiev to improve their physical condition and strengthen, to enhance the morale, expand the circle of friends and get survival skills. Having got into an unusual environment and working in a team, the guys also learned to be responsible and brave.
Leaders of ‘VI CAMP 2018’ engaged children into various activities, encouraging them to demonstrate their strengths and to get new life experience. And also swimming in crystal clear river water, evening gatherings by the fire, quests, songs, dances… Everybody was satisfied and thankful !!!

Resting in the summer camp, the guys had an excellent opportunity to develop self-confidence that is so valuable trait for an unparented child. And this trait will lead the child into successful future!

We are sincerely thankful for everyone who took part in organizing children’s reacreation!
There are so many deeds ahead! Join us!