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Pavlo is now a graduate of the Center for the Socialization of Adolescents

випускник Паша

A graduate! But not a school one, a graduate of “DODOMU” center for socialization. Today, our Pasha is 18 years old! And he has already been through a lot.

His parents passed away when he was very small. It is difficult, but the boy had to go through the tragedy once more – a couple of years after his parents’ death, a woman who took care of him died as well. After that, he was sent to the Kiev military lyceum and, from there, Pasha came to us.

He is not like other orphans. Circumstances often make them turn into cruel consumers. Pasha isn’t like that at all. He cares for the other people and, as a born leader, tries to help solve their problems.

‘He is not indifferent, he has such a great living heart. He gets easily involved in other people’s problems. He always empathizes and gladly shares with the others. When other boys are sometimes upset, he will not go away to mind his own business, instead he will stay with them to console the latter, ‘ says Yulia Feshchenko, Director of the” DODOMU “Center, about Pasha.

The main change that took place in Pasha during his stay in the Center is thatnow he wants to study. He entered atechnical secondary school to become a painter-plasterer and a tiler. As well as that, he already had some experience. But that is not enough. Now he wants to get a higher education, and we have already registered him for an External Independent Testing. He has chosen the Institute of Physical Education.

The biggest challenge for Pasha in the coming year is not to lose his own new aspirations and belief in himself. There are plenty of temptations around to livea simple life, not making any additional efforts. But let the fire within him burn all the time and not allow to agree with the fate that is imposed by life’s difficulties.

Happy birthday, Pashka! We believe in you!