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We love Hotsky, we are dreaming about Hotsky

Of course, we are a bit late with our stories about how we tidied up our territory in  HotskyХочу допомогти

Why have we been to this wonderful place several times during the last 3 months? We dream of the day when we will be able to build a Children’s Town on this site! Meanwhile, there is a desire to go for a family getaway with the DODOMU children for a couple of days this winter. Our heroes tidied up the territory, put away old dry trees, assembled the beds, installed the electrical equipment, bought some gardening equipment, repaired the shower in the steam room etc. Our little and big men worked on equal terms. Good work and communication with adult men at the fire are one of the most powerful socialization tools for boys – orphans!

Though, we still need to repair the roof, get and install a boiler, get everything necessary for beds. And as one of the classics says: “and the key is in our pocket;)”. A huge thank you to OlexandrSinchenko who kindly agreed to help us.We would also like to invite you, dear friends, to take part, together with us, in this good deed to help children who do not have parents.

List of what we still need:

  • A three-sectional slidingladder (aluminum): 3-compartment in six steps, in the expanded form- height 3.55, weight 13.5 kg;
  • Atwo-wheelreinforced metal wheelbarrow, carrying capacity 200 kg;
  • Metal scrap-nicks (length 700 mm);
  • Some zincediron sheets (width 1000 mm, length 2000 mm, thickness 0,5 mm) 2 pcs;
  • ondulin (width 0,95 cm, length 2000 mm) 2 pcs; ondulinnails (50 pcs);
  • plastering boards (thickness 12.5 cm, width 1200 mm, length 2000 mm) 2pcs;
  • bitumen mastic – 10 liters;
  • an electric saw -Tarta garden MSE 210;
  • a spare chain for the saw;
  • a boiler with 100 liter capacity, Electrolux.