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Who, why and how do we help?

… we offer you a photo report

“Who are these children? So cute! But why is it in such a statе? … » 

They are orphans! And it’s just beyond the common sense that most of these children have parents who, unfortunately, don’t need them. A child left without a family is not to blame for being an orphan.There is no reason that can justify and legitimize such a state of affairs, sowe really want to give them at least some part of our warmth.

“Does this really exist today? Do children live here? Something has to be done!… » 

Yes, it must be done as soon as possible! “Children’s Emergency Center” in the village of Romaniv, created by a team of people who are not indifferent to these children, is waiting for a new home with amenities. They need a car and are happy to accept any kind of our help.

“Clothing and footwear? So much? Probably, I can also help! … ” 

This time, the volunteers of the “DODOMU” Foundation brought some clothing and footwear for these children. Together with it, they brought hope and belief that everything will be fine, because they are needed, loved and worried about. We would like to thank everyone who has joined this worthyproject, but it’s only the beginning. Kids are waiting ….

Not everyone can adopt an orphan,but everybody can help..

Card number in Privatbank: 5169 3305 1064 5358

“Emergency Center for Children” smt.Romaniv

For more information please call: +38 (068) 217 20 75 Lyubov Kuchmenko (Director)