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Whose child is this?

How could European countries overcome the problem of social orphanhood?

There is no need to go into this question to see – society has developed a social reflex, which can be described in such words: the child should not be left alone.

This phenomenon has become so much a part of people’s life that, in their sense, the assistance to the left child is the assistance to the entire nation. But when a child, for whatever reason, loses his family, the family becomes the whole community, and the families, or institutions, in which the child is staying, take responsibility for the child to not have lost his childhood.

The story, we witnessed in the SSC 15+ “BACK HOME,”

is a direct proof that this information is truth.

Humorous guests came to the pupils of the SSC and the Center for Social and Pedagogical Rehabilitation of Children (CSPRC) No 1: namely, the students from the Dutch University “Kingdom Life College.”  It was a bright meeting – with songs, dancing, sports games, carefully selected gifts and an incredible amount of delicious food. And one could not understand – who received more pleasure and joy.

And among the pupils there was Masha – the girl, smiling with a pearly smile, modest and alive to those, yet childish, unconventional life. Masha’s story is sad and not childish; the tests she had had to pass did not make her stubborn and locked. But she had to learn the fact that people can perceive and love her not for “something,” because she did not have faith in this.

Eyes of one of the girl-students, Anna, seemed to begin to shine when she saw Masha’s old tattered jogging shoes:

– Masha, I want to give you a gift, will you let me?

– Of course, but today you have already given us so much…

– Please allow me to give you one more gift.

With these words, Anna took off her new sneakers and gave them to Masha.

Masha cried, laughed and did not have faith that this is possible and it happens to her!

– How will you go? – Masha asked Anna.

– Oh! Do not worry about it; my friends will carry me in their hands.

This year we are stepping closer to the European community, but as a nation, we have a lot to grow.

We believe that one of the foundations of Ukrainian society is to become universal values that will teach us to set the needs of children, who are left without support and care, above our own.