NewsSocialization Center 15+(boys)

Report on the holidays of the pupils of 15+ Center of Socialization

The second week in a row, there’s been nobody in the ‘DODOMU’ Center of Socialization for teenagers…

It’s happening not because we all decided to quit and close the place down, but  because our guys are at sea!

Now it’s the middle of the second wave of arrivals at the ViCamp’16 , and we can already sum up the main achievements.

Firstly, half of the boys never saw the sea at all. Therefore, they are delighted to swim in the sea and splash on waves. It would be enough to keep them happy! Secondly, our guys, deprived of parental care, are warming up psychologically. In the camp, as we have already mentioned, not only sports and entertainment programs are combined, but our guys are also learning about real life values. This creates an atmosphere in which old bad habits simply cannot survive. The guys simply give them up, stop swearing and surprise us by some miracles of the character. Sashko, it turns out, knows how to make friends perfectly well. He called us from the camp and enthusiastically told us whom he made friends with and what he learned from them. Yevhen’sturning into a man who can trust others and finds such people, although he used to be ‘a lone wolf’. Something similar is happening with Artem who used to be a typical rebel.

An independent intellectual,Romka, is learning to collaborate in a team. And, when it comes to talking about Nazar, all managers sayhe is an excellent helper.

Two days a week, older children replace the leaders of the camp. They learn to be responsible for their whole groupon their own, organize everything around and interact with the younger ones. According to the guys’ feedback, it’s exactly what they learned a lot from.

There‘re a few more days of holidaysleft. And we cannot thank enough everyone, thanks to whom this trip for the boys became possible. Thank you!